The primary elected leadership consists of the seven member Executive Council, the Rush Chairmen, and the Pledge Educator. In addition to the elected positions there are many committee chair positions. These include philanthropy, alumni relations, scholarship, and many other aspects of chapter operations.

Brothers are also encouraged to be leaders in the greater campus community. The Interfraternity Council frequently often has leadership from our chapter. Brothers are also involved as Student Ambassadors in various departments and work with the Admissions Office as Student Representatives. Many of these campus leaders began developing their leadership skills as members of the Kappa-Mu chapter in their first semester as pledges.

Nationally, the Kappa-Mu chapter is active as a leading chapter in the fraternity. Every two years, brothers attend a national Leadership Conference to develop skills for effectively managing and leading the chapter. Several members of the chapter Executive Committee have been recognized as Outstanding Leaders by Kappa Sigma at national meetings.